Fun Date Ideas

August 23, 2017

Whether you’re just getting back into the dating scene, or simply looking to spice up your normal date ideas a little, Orly The Matchmaker reviews some great date ideas to try out on your next date.

Comedy Show

If you want to try something different on your next date, Orly The Matchmaker reviews how going to a comedy show is a fun date idea you may not have considered before. Comedy shows provide you with a laid-back atmosphere where you and your date will be sure to have a night filled with laughter.

A Picnic For Two

A picnic is a wonderful date idea that’s sure to impress your date. Pack your favorite picnic food and head out to your favorite outdoor spot for a relaxing and peaceful time together. Picnics are great date ideas for anyone, whether it’s a first date, or you’ve been together many years because it allows you to talk and spend time with each other.


Bowling is a great date idea for anyone because it allows for a lot of interaction with your date. Bowling alleys always provide a fun and outgoing atmosphere which is wonderful for a date. Bowling alleys always have fun music, food, and even drinks which are all sure to make for a fun night.


With Winter among us, what better date idea than to go ice-skating together? Ice-skating is great for a date because it’s a lot of innocent fun. After you have fun together out on the ice, be sure to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa together afterward.

Try A New Restaurant

Getting out and trying something new is always fun, so why not go out to try a new type of cuisine you’ve never had before? Los Angeles is packed with some of the trendiest restaurants in the country, get out there and explore your options! Learning about a new culture and cuisine will be interesting and fun to do together.

Go To A Winery

California is filled with wineries and they’re always fun and interesting to visit, and that’s why they made it to Orly’s great date ideas list. Orly The Matchmaker reviews that going to a winery is a classy date idea where you’ll both enjoy learning about wine and the wine making process. And, it’s a great opportunity to get out of the city and stock up on your favorite selections.


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