Important Dating Etiquette For Women

August 22, 2017

Orly the Matchmaker knows that when it comes to successful dating for women it’s not just looking great that plays a role in that success. And, although many women focus all their attention on their appearances when preparing themselves for a big date, Orly knows they may be overlooking other very important things.

Here are some of Orly the Matchmaker’s great tips for dating etiquette for women.

Always Arrive On Time

While women are notorious for showing up late, Orly the Matchmaker knows just how crucial it is to always arrive on time for your date. Showing up late is very disrespectful and may ruin your chances with him. While sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that may have you running behind, Orly advises you call your date to give him fair warning. Calling your date to let him know you’re going to be a little late will save him the headache of wondering if you bailed on him.

Extend Sincere Compliments

Everyone gets a little nervous on when they’re on date, even men. Orly the Matchmaker suggests you help ease his nerves and give him a compliment when you arrive. Compliment your date on how nice he looks, how lovely the restaurant is that he chose for dinner, or anything else you find attractive about him. You’ll both feel more comfortable and he’ll likely reciprocate.

Don’t Be Afraid To Laugh

Orly the Matchmaker always tells her female clients never to be afraid to laugh on a date. Laughing can actually be a great way to show him how relaxed you are around him, and also that you are a fun person with a good sense of humor.

Don’t Divulge Too Much

Orly always advises women not to get too caught up and carried away in conversation while on a date. It’s important to keep the topic of conversation light and never divulge too much information about yourself up front. Men like women with a little mystery behind them.

Don’t Even Think About Answering Your Cell

This is Orly the Matchmaker’s biggest tip for women on a date because she knows how rude it can come off when someone is taking or making calls during dinner. Many women can’t resist the urge to peek at the text their best friend just sent them asking how the date is going, and if you’re one of those women, Orly suggests turning your cell phone off completely. You never want to disrespect your date, after all, you should be taking the time to get to know them.


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