I met Orly and she is a personable woman. She takes her time to get to know you. When she sends you out on a date, she will give you details of the person she sets you up with and … Continue reading

Tess B.

Hi Orly, Hope you have a wonderful Monday, I have an amazing time with Jeff sat dinner & sunday brunch, He’s a total gentleman, intelligent men and fun, we have great conversations and great chemistry. Im very happy and im … Continue reading

Olga L.

"Orly is the Rolls Royce of matchmaking..."
-CNN News, Live with David Goddnow

"Orly's service is designed for the professionals..."
-VHI Special

"The Guinness Book of World Records just listed ORLY as the world's priciest matchmaker."

"Orly matches the rich and successful..."
-USA Today

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-FOX News

"Orly, matchmaker for 25 years..."
-NBC Nightly News

"Orly has a dream date for you..."
-CBS Noon News

"Orly is nationally and internationally known..."
-ABC 5 O'Clock News

Based and located in Beverly Hills, California.

Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the world's priciest matchmaker.