Common Complaints

August 23, 2017

Orly The Matchmaker reviews complaints from men regarding things they don’t like about women when it comes to dating, and although there are many things men do like about women, there are a few they that really turn them off.

So, how can make sure you’re not doing the things men don’t like?

Follow this helpful advice from Orly The Matchmaker.

Here are a few complaints from men about women so you can use these things to your advantage in becoming a more successful dater.

Common Complaints From Men

1. Constant Gossip
One of the major complaints from men about women in the dating world is their constant need to gossip, explains Orly The Matchmaker. Men simply cannot tolerate when women are catty, dramatic, and always gossiping about others.

2. Wearing Too Much Makeup
Another major complaint men have about women is that they go overboard with the makeup when they go out on dates. Yes, men do like when a woman looks beautiful, but you should never look overdone by wearing too much makeup, explains Orly The Matchmaker. Men like women with a more natural look, so

3. Being Too Clingy
Orly The Matchmaker explains that while you want to spend as much quality time with your boyfriend as you can, it’s very important you also give him some space. Orly The Matchmaker reviews complaints from many men and being too clingy and needy was one of the top complaints.

4. Being Too Jealous
It’s natural to feel a little jealousy every now and then, explains Orly The Matchmaker, but being overly jealous scares men away. You should never be that girlfriend that doesn’t allow her man to have female friends, or even converse with his female co-workers. Restricting him will surely push him away.

5. Constantly Talking
Yes, women love to talk, and that goes without saying, but the constant need to talk can be very bothersome to a lot of men. When you’re out on a date, or with your boyfriend, be sure you give them a chance to speak as well, recommends Orly The Matchmaker.


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