Red Flags Many Women Look For

August 22, 2017

In the dating world, a lot of women will overlook a few things in men they’re interested in dating, but there are just some things that cannot be overlooked when considering a potential relationship. Orly The Matchmaker reviews the most common red flags women look for in men which are sure to end things before they can even get started.

A Guy Who Shows Up Not Dressed Appropriately

Orly The Matchmaker reviews that women aren’t attracted to men who don’t dress appropriately and carry themselves well. It’s especially important on a first date, they want him to show up dressed to impress, not someone who didn’t put any efforts into their looks.

A Guy Who Always Talks About His Ex

Orly The Matchmaker reviews that one of the first red flags women look for in men is talk of the ex. A man who is always talking about his ex is sure to put any woman off. It can quickly ruin any date, especially a first date. Women see men who are always talking about their ex as having too much baggage to start to start a new relationship.

A Guy Who Is Always Down

Women don’t want to date a man who is always feeling down, or sad. Orly The Matchmaker reviews how when women are looking or a potential partner, they look for someone who is positive, upbeat, and outgoing, not someone who is always negative and down on themselves.

A Guy Who Put Others Down

Orly The Matchmaker reviews that another common red flag women look for in men is the need to put others down. Women aren’t interested in dating men who are constantly insulting others, whether it’s friends, family, or co-workers, women don’t appreciate a man that bad mouths other people.

A Guy Who Doesn’t Display Chivalry

Women love to date charming and chivalrous men, so another common red flag they look for is a man who is not chivalrous with them. Orly The Matchmaker reviews that women love to be treated well, especially when they’re out with a man. Their man should always display proper manners and treat them with kindness and politeness.

A Guy Who Moves Too Quickly

Orly The Matchmaker reviews that one of the biggest red flags women look for is a man who moves too quickly. Women hate when a man is constantly calling them or wanting to get too serious with them too soon in the relationship. It’s a major red flag as well as a turn off to women when men come off as desperate.

~ Orly


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